wolverine aubergine

― anchorage alaska USA ―

All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.

Roman Payne

on culture
food lyfe so local it hirts

Wolverine Aubergine has espoused a tradition of coexistence over our years of culinary exploration. Like a broken social scene, the core of the Aubergine staff is disparate, but legion; our principles, however, are cemented in our rich history. As we develop a presence in new or ongoing environs, we strive to take advantage of local farmers and producers to present local flavors and flair in a unique and memorable way.

We host our guests in a cozy dining room constructed entirely of repurposed, salvaged, or otherwise recycled material—intimate, yet inviting. Though our menu tends to involve flavors from a variety of the major worldwide culinary traditions, our roots are deep in French soil. Or, say: we strain every sauce at least twice, and when we buy a cow we cook it from tail to tongue. Not only does this offer us the challenge of ongoing creativity, but it ensures that we can offer our guests a unique, memorable experience time and time again.

Yet we're not your everyday kitschy-hip bistro. Just good people having fun cooking good food. All guests are seated and served on a first come, first served basis. So no months-ahead scheduling necessary, though you may be forced to grab a spot at the bar and socialize for a spell before your meal. Luckily, our staff is always friendly, we love local brews and good-find wines, and we'll serve you little bites to keep the appetite at bay.

We offer guests the unique choice of duration; our chefs will tailor a dinner to exhibit the best product we have on hand at the time. If you've never 'let the kitchen choose,' so to speak, we suggest you give it a go as soon as possible. As we see it, the chefs always knows what's best on the line. Guests generally dine in five, seven, and eleven course meals. Though we _can_ abide preferences, we cannot guarantee that we will have on hand what your bee-eff-eff just had last night. But we're confident that what you enjoy will be just as exciting!

on cuisine
all your nutrition are belong to us

We reinvent and rework our menu on a daily basis using the best local produce and protein available to us. This way we can best showcase seasonal flavors and take advantage of unique and finite ingredients. Prices vary depending on market rates and availability. Meals for two average $12 per course / $21 with wine pairings. Blah blah blah. Below, we entreat you to feast you eyes upon a sampling of dishes we've prepared in the past. As with all of our courses, each was crafted using a hand-picked selection of farmed, foraged, and gardened ingredients from local purveyors and of regional province. Droooooool!

trio of foraged-berry jam, house-cured charcuterie, braised quince, sweet-pickled jalapeño

copper river salmon tartare, pearl onion crème fraîche, bud and flower of flinders rose, carroway rusks

"niçoise" of kenai rainbow trout, sherry poached hen egg, heirloom tomato, shallot vinaigrette

fine white truffle custards with black truffle ragout, micro kale, grapeseed

cold "soup" of cauliflower puree and lobster comsommé, salmon caviar, candied meyer lemon

yellow zucchini and parsnip "pasta" with flame-roasted cubanelle, black currant, smoked green tomato

house-made mozzarella with arugula pesto, pickled daylily, pain grillé

grilled veal loin with cambozola aligot, gold and pinwheel beets, swiss chard

raw sitka oyster with sauce of sweet purple garlic and red savina, rosemary oil

braised veal tongue, grilled ramps, salad of ure pear and westland apple

free-range chicken involtini with butternut squash, autumn vegetable ratatouille

pan-seared halibut steak and cheek, spicy red quinoa, roasted lacinato kale

chamomile rose and sea salt caramel iced creams, sage tuile, red huckleberry coulis

peppered-black & blackened prince william yelloweye and whole shrimp, pistachio tarator, limed greens

vegan "flour list" chocolate cake with tundra berries, honey meringue